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Career Coaching

Business Proposal/Plan Guidance*
Entity Selection & Set-Up

Marketing, Branding, Advertising

Media Assets (Offering In-House Services)
Operations, Systems
Compliance- IRS, Licensing

Growth, Scaling
Human Resources

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Interior Design


Online Selling, Services & Products

Main Street Brick & Mortar Retail



Marketing, Branding & Advertising

Marketing was a very fuzzy word to me when I got my start in the work-force. It wasn’t a tangible that I could put on a list, do, and check off. What I have earned is that it is multifaceted, should be fluid and responsive, and it is what propels a business forward and keeps it relevant. 
What is branding? Why can developing a brand be crucial to a business's success? How exactly do you develop a brand? Many people are confused about branding. I know I was. For me, branding is one of the most creative, fun parts of the business. In a culture that is spoilt for choice, branding is more important than ever before.
Advertising begins as art and turns into a science. Most small start-up businesses grossly under estimate the importance and cost of effective advertising. Effective- meaning, you get to stay in business. More surprisingly, the majority of those that create creative assets are not taught about business leaving a disjoint in the very approach to the materials. (Click here for a great book for creatives that want "a framework for their concepts to succeed".)

Media Assets

In partnership with a my husbands photography & videography company, I am able to offer in-house services for many media asset needs. We are long time creative collaborators that love adding value to your marketing campaigns. Our focus is on truly developing the approach as an adjunct arm of your business. We want to listen carefully and elevate your brand. Your success is our success. We don't take that for granted.

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Career Coaching

I have been told that my approach to career coaching is different from others. My approach is to get to know you before talking about which direction your career change may take. Many of us have landed in fields that we either didn't intend to, or that we find aren't suited for us. So I don't want to start with your resume'. I like to start with getting to know who you are, what your aptitudes are, and what your values are. When you are in your golden years, what do you want to look back on? It is from that starting point that we can then be curious and explore different options.

We will explore different options factoring for reality. This means taking into account your lifestyle and your ability to support yourself as you make this change. We will take a very close look at what the day to day of the proposed new roles will look like. There may be compromises that have to be made. There are no guarantees with this process.

For some, this isn't a comfortable process. It requires courage and honesty with oneself. It can be a roller coaster. It can be frustrating. That said, I do find it one of the more rewarding things a person can take on. Living in accordance with our values and creating a lifestyle that truly suits oneself is among the most important of endeavors that we can embark on.

Business Proposal Guidance

I notate it as guidance because I am often asked if I write business plans. I do! For myself. Unless you are a very well funded start-up, no one should be writing your business plan, but you. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't engage others for help. But you should sit at the helm, learning the broad strokes of what it takes to compile a comprehensive business plan. Everything in the business plan is relevant to your business's operating and success. I advise that my clients use the business plan in a very literal, practical, applied way. It should be a living document that guides everything you do.

You should be learning about each aspect, department, and facet. You need to understand how it all comes together, and how one small change can have a ripple effect across seemingly unrelated areas of the business. Though you may hire our for things such as market research, you need to qualify it. How do you know it is relevant, precise, or good? Why should you blindly trust a report when you don't understand how it was compiled? No- You can't become an expert at everything. But you can try your hardest to gain a level of comfort and familiarity.  and hire those that you trust have a firm grasp on their specialty. Building a business is about bringing together the right team. And that starts with the business plan. You will have to trust others. But not blindly.

If you can't get through assembling your business plan with confidence, you may want to question if you need to back up a step and best prepare yourself with a refresher and overview. A "Business 101 Class" might be a good option.

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