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"Seeing my operation through Myra's eyes was... absolutely what we needed. There were many disconnects inside our operations from systems to employee understanding to marketing. I don't have an MBA and came up through the ranks so to speak. I've been so busy working "in the business" as she says, that I lost perspective and didn't make time to work "on the business". I made excuses about being too busy. Now I see that I was chasing my own tail. She's been invaluable to us.

Mark Taylor, B2B Wellness Supply, NY

"Myra's expertise in setting up a nonprofit has made such a positive impact in ours. She's extremely organized and makes sure all projects are set up for success. She takes time from the small details to the large ones and makes sure everything is explained. She always has a great attitude! If you get the chance to work with her you won't regret it.

Gabriela Berkoff, Campaign Director, Papou's Mouse, Inc, FL

"I have known and worked with and for Myra for over 20 years. Her title in my phone- excuse the French- is and always has been, "Bad-Ass". She is someone who just makes things happen. (And she is one of my favorite people.)
Vincent Wrenn, Director of Photography, CA

UPDATE - Full disclosure: While this was written years ago, I have since posting this, married this man. :)

"When I called Myra I thought the path to owning a business was to write the business plan, get a loan, and start. Looking back I am embarrassed on how much I didn't know, even with a degree in business. Myra has told me hard truths, helped me structure my business and operations and given me needed encouragement every step of the way."
Tom Miller, a proudly self-employed Contractor, FL

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"Myra and I worked closely for years, she as the owner of Natural Timber Floors, LTD. I watched her start this business through sheer force of will despite a recession and thus lack of funding. She grew NTF to a well-known and respected brand in the blink of an eye. As an accountant, I can advise that hiring Myra is saving time & precious start-up dollars."
Paul Folwell, a (great) New Zealand Accountant ;)

"I have never been particularly courageous. But what I hate more than being scared is having to do something I don't like for work. I don't know how she does it but Myra gives me the confidence and direction I need to go after my dreams. Her number is forever taped to my wall."

Lori Advalo, actor, theater-hand, anything that pays the bills and keeps me smiling, Los Angeles (of-course)

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