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"I have known and worked with and for Myra for 20 years. Her title in my phone- excuse the French- is and always has been "Bad-Ass". She is someone who just makes things happen. (And she is one of my favorite people.)
Vincent Wrenn, Director of Photography, CA

Full disclosure: While this was written years ago, I have now married this man. :)

"I wouldn't have had the courage to start my business if it weren't for Myra. I had l most no budget and everything was foreign and felt insurmountable. Then I hired her and in a month I had a business, confidence, and even my first clients. I am 2 years in and can't possibly thank her enough for helping to put me on this path of self-employment and work/life balance."
Diego Tomaso, a proudly self-employed Roofing Contractor, MA

"Myra and I worked closely for years, she as the owner of Natural Timber Floors, LTD. I watched her start this business through sheer force of will despite a recession and thus lack of funding. She grew NTF to a well-known and respected brand in the blink of an eye. As an accountant, I can advise that hiring Myra is saving time & precious start-up dollars."
Paul Folwell, a (great) New Zealand Accountant ;)

"I have never been particularly courageous. But what I hate more than being scared is having to do something I don't like for work. I don't know how she does it but Myra gives me the confidence and direction I need to go after my dreams. Her number is forever taped to my wall."

Lori Advalo, actor, theater-hand, anything that pays the bills and keeps me smiling, Los Angeles (of-course)

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