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Psychology of Business
I use a psychology of business approach to assist business owners to understand the foundations of psychology that permeate all business endeavors. There isn’t an area of a business's success that isn’t rooted in psychology. The psychology of business approach should create the foundation for guiding the operational structure of the business, as well as the creative e.g. media assets. It is all psychology. The importance of this can't be understated. Do you want your ad to be seen? Do you want to keep your employees long term? Understanding what drives people helps business owners in all areas- from keeping employees optimally productive to strong sales numbers. Using calculable human nature, we create smart business practices.


The most successful marketing incorporates a mixture of a mix of tried and true psychological principles. Approaching the creative from a foundation of necessary psychological principals to achieve your desired outcome- allows you to create material that is impactful. Surprisingly, the majority of creatives are not taught about business and thus there is often a disjoint in one of the most crucial parts of a businesses success. 

Sustainable Business Practices

I am a proponent of sustainable business practices. Happy work environments equal low turnover. Burnout is costly for the human experiencing it, and also to the company that suffers from low productivity and/or high turnover. Creating a work environment that allows it's employees to feel valued is what is best for ROI. What do your employees need?


Almost anyone can start a business by following a road map. Excelling and remaining in business requires knowing the A, B, C's, and also- knowing when to break the rules. It involves a little bit of luck, a whole lot of dedication and a little bit of 'art'. I enjoy helping others tune into their inner business voice and their business creativity. Flexibility is a strength in business. Rigidity eventually breaks. You can start a business. But can you excel? Let's see.


I find coaching very rewarding. I love to share my experience, shortcuts learned (sometimes the hard way), and collaborate. I always start at the beginning. It is imperative that we make sure you are on the right path before we commit to trekking farther down it. There are often many options for a more satisfying path right in front of us. We just need to borrow someone else's glasses to be able to identify it. I like to challenge my clients to see differently and to always be curious. Once we identify the path forward, we dive in... to standing out! Being different, being memorable- isn't an approach left for marketing professionals- identifying your "X-factor" is how you crush an interview and get hired. 

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"Satisfaction in what I do day-to-day is paramount."

"Myra would skip school, steal a newspaper, and circle job ads." says Mom. At 14 you could find Myra sitting at a park making budgets and deducting fake taxes from a fake income. Though she was strong in school, it wasn't for her. So she got into the workforce full-time and was managing people into their early 30's in fast-paced food service by age 15. By 18 she was self-employed and has never looked back. 

Her first business was an independent film production company in Los Angeles- "an invaluable, thrilling trial-by-fire" education that set the foundation for how she has pursued business. Though she liked producing "shorts" & documentaries, the industry didn't fit with her greater life wants. So she stopped producing, got into a more flexible approach to earning money- real estate- and she went traveling!

Then Hurricane Katrina hit. The government's inaction propelled her to help the victims of Katrina. She co-founded an emergency disaster relief NFP where she found herself truly alive at work. A decade and a half later, it is helping people internationally.

At 30 with the downturn in the economy (07), she seized an opportunity and moved to New Zealand where she took up surfing and fell in love with the land. She wanted to stay, so she needed a visa. The only way she could get a visa was to start a business. So she looked for a "market void" and found one.


She started an unfunded niche flooring business championing sustainability marketed to architects & interior designers. Natural Timber Floors, Ltd (NTF) designed products, imported, and project managed each installation across upmarket residential and commercial projects. Myra recalls with a smile on her face that her first desk was an ironing board with a yoga ball as a chair, and a post-it on the wall that read, "Official Desk of Natural Timber Floors". It was a simple thus very low liability business structure utilizing branded subcontractors. NTF was well-known almost overnight garnering some of the largest contracts in the country. The business grew 300% YOY. Then, a handful of years in she was starting her family and it was time to return home to the US. 

Back at home, with a new daughter in tow, combining her real estate and subcontracting project management experience she started a construction project management company combining in-house interior design. Clients loved having both trades under one roof eliminating the common problems of design fighting with function. This business allowed her the control over her schedule that she wanted as a new mother. She was able to run away to the park mid-day and cuddle before naptime. 

Through the years many have sought her out to consult with regarding their career and business endeavors. During Covid Myra decided to leave the Northeast and move back to Ventura, CA. With that, she transitioned to consulting full-time.

It is the start-up phase of business that gets her fired up the most. And she gets excited about teaching people that hard work combined with intentional structuring can ultimately lead to a more rewarding work/life balance. "Work is fun, but it's even more fun when you have enough time off!" 

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