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​I am laser-focused, quirky, sarcastic, & love small business. I don't want to live in a world of only Amazon.

As a serial entrepreneur, I bring a savvy outsider’s view, identifying areas of your business that need improvement. Systems, departments, and marketing all must be in sync.

I employ psychology-based business practices & full circle marketing to foster big-picture understanding. Whether it be marketing, securing financing, or retaining good employees- cohesion and creativity propel companies ahead of the pack.


"My free consultation gave me 3 HUGE takeaways: 1: I want to be an S-Corp, not a (SM)LLC. That saved me a lot of time, hassle, and money, and will save me a bit more money come tax time. 2: I can't use the SBA for my start-up funding. I get to abandon the business plan I was writing just for them. 3: There's so much more to starting my business than I had thought. I feel clearer. I can move forward knowing I am not wasting time and doing this the wrong way, but rather the right way." 

"My free consultation taught me that I am not an entrepreneur. I have spent months saying that I am going to get my business off the ground. After speaking with Myra, it became clear that this isn't the path for me. It's a little sad, but I thank her for helping me figure this out. I was ready to commit my life savings to something that I wouldn't have been good at. I can now spend that time looking for something else that I will truly find fulfilling."

"From our first conversation, I knew I had found the team member I needed. I have been driving my husband nuts and he isn't the right sounding board. Myra could sense that I needed help outlining the right clear steps as well as accountability. No more spinning my wheels. I am on the right path.

IMy advice? If you are unsure about working with a consultant, schedule your free consultation. What can it hurt?"

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